About Me

I am a junior at Penn State majoring in Information Sciences and Technology. Since I was a kid, I have had a passion and interest in computing technology and information systems and their impact on the world around us. With a drive to innovate and create, I hope to work to expand and inspire new technologies in the world around us.

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The Pennyslvania State University

B.S. - Information Sciences and Technology June 2018 - May 2022


Developer Student Club: Penn State University

Co-Founder and President Jul 2020 - Present

As President of Penn State's Developer Student Club, my duties include:

  • - Leading and facilitating all club activities and initiatives alongside our leadership team
  • - Exploring and building up new initiatives to assist in the club's growth and development
  • - Serving as the public face of the club to students who may wish to get involved
  • - Interacting with partners at Google to assist in the expansion of our initiatives
  • - Cooperating with leaders of various student organizations to co-host and lead events


Executive Director May 2020 - Present

HackGuild is an up and coming event incubator that aims to make organizing technology-related events such as hackathons and workshops accessible to all. Launching in late 2020, we expect to revolutionize the field of technology event mentorship and lower the entry barrier to event organization for all.

Penn State University

Resident Assistant Aug 2020 - Present

As a Resident Assistant at Penn State University, my duties include:

  • - Ensuring that residents on my floor have a smooth and comfortable transition to college,
  • - Facilitating community builders and events to build a sense of community and unity,
  • - Assisting underclassmen students through providing resources and guidance where needed,
  • - Providing academic and personal assistance to residents to assist in their personal growth.

Commons Desk Student Manager Aug 2020 - Present

As a Commons Desk Manager at Penn State Housing and Food Services, my duties include:

  • - Facilitating the smooth and efficient processing of mail and packages for university students,
  • - Assisting students with the issues they face throughout the process of living on campus,
  • - Supervising and training desk clerks and ensuring they complete tasks assigned to them,
  • - Completing rounds around the desks to ensure all desks are operating at full capacity, and
  • - Ensuring outstanding customer service with under 10 minute turnarounds for customers at all times.

PIKE (PSU Information, Knowledge, and wEb) Research Lab

Undergraduate Research Assistant May 2019 - Aug 2019

Participated in a REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) in the Summer of 2019 with the goal of assisting in the research and development of Sysfake, a system intended to accurately investigate, analyze, and detect fake news articles.


Throughout my high school and college undergraduate educations, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills in and learn more about many different computer languages and technologies.

  • Node.JS
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL
  • NoSQL - MongoDB / RethinkDB

Client Testimonials

  • Michael Cao has been both my friend and mentor for the past several years. Not only has he spent countless hours helping me learn Javascript, but he's also introduced me to several of my current hobbies, including coding! I've been able to continually rely on his responsibility and technical expertise to further my knowledge, and I would not have discovered my interest in computer science without his guidance.

    Jared Lyon
  • As the Assistant Executive Director of HAX and a close friend and mentor, Michael has supported me in both my professional and personal endeavors. He has helped me build HAX since day one, whether that be through screening executive team applications, doing outreach and 501(c)(3) paperwork, or leading onboarding meetings for potential hackathon organizers. I've learned a lot from him regarding both technical and soft skills, like various aspects of programming and becoming a thoughtful, responsible director. With his help, I've been able to launch HAX and grow as an individual, leader, and aspiring computer scientist.

    Justina Chua